WELCOME! To the rules and guidelines page. Here you will find all of the rules needed to chat, and contribute.

Rules for contributions:

  • Absolutely no inappropriate and/or hate pages or articles are allowed.
  • Pages MUST be relevant to this wiki, meaning ponies only, with a few exceptions.
  • Pages labeled as an innapropriate or hateful name will be removed.
  • People who are editing may NOT spam or send  hateful edits
  • People who are editing will NOT disregard the original page owners facts by sending hateful comments.
  • Do NOT spam the page with other published works...make another page.

Rules for chat:

  • No excessive use of any word, emote, or phrase.
  • No innapropriate comments, this includes all dark fandom items.
  • Role play is allowed, however, keep it clean.
  • Asking to be a mod or admin will not get you anywhere.
  • Moderators and admins reserve the right to kick or ban anyone, within reasonable cause.

Inserting pictures....uploads:

  • Keep it clean, and have reason for posting.
  • Please label your pics with your username in caps at the beginning. EX: FLUTTERKNIGHT file.jpg

Punishment will go as follows

  1. If you are caught disregarding rules an administrator will warn you, telling you to review the rules
  2. The second warning will be more estblished and written in caps to notify you
  3. This will be the initial ban, starting with an hour and moving time farther as accordingly to the crime.
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